Stafford EMS Adds New Members To Its Ranks

On February 10, 2019, Stafford Township EMS (Squad 38) welcomed 15 new members to its ranks during its new member orientation class that took place at our main building. The primary objective of this class enables our new probationary members to meet our officers and membership, get to know our apprattus and equipment, and to better understand the general knowledge of our organization and what we do. With more then 20 new members joining July of 2018, Stafford EMS is extremely grateful for each and every member that join our organization. Answering close to 3,000 calls for service per year, our new members will get to experience every type of call we recieve. Being assigned a duty crew,

(2 EMTs or 1 driver and 1 EMT), our probationary members will be able to grasp the skills and knowledge to understand our work enviorment, which in turn, will give them a well rounded experience and help them when they attend EMT school in the near future.


Helping others is at the base of everything we do in our organization. We decide to give up our time and rearrange our lives to help our community in their time of need. There's a realization that in doing this we help our own heart, but that doesn't lessen the commitment we make each and every day. Stafford EMS holds each and every one of our members to the highest of standards. We are incredibly proud of our entire membership for putting the time that they give to help others that need it most. The officers and membership of Squad 38 would like to congratulate and wish our new members the best of luck as they embark on such an honorable journey.